Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Abu Qatada (Radiyallahu 'anh) relates that the Holy Nabi (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim) said,
"For fasting the day of 'Aashura', (the 10th of Muharram) I hope that Allah will accept it as an expiation for (the sins committed in) the previous year".

Friday, December 26, 2008 it bad..or gud..

Adapted from 'Pilgrimage' by Paulo Coelho..

We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul, just as meal does for the body. Many times in our lives we see our dreams shattered and our desires frustrated, but we have to continue dreaming. If we don't, our soul dies, and agape cannot each it.

A lot of blood has been shed in those fields out there, some of the cruelest battles of Spain's war to expel the Moors were fought on them. Who was in the right or who knew the truth does not matter, what's most important is knowing that both sides were fighting the good fight.

The good fight is the one we fight because our heart asks it of us. In the heroic ages, at the time of the knights in armor- this was easy. There were lands to conquer and much to do. Today, though, the world has change a lot, and the good fight has shifted from the battlefields to the fields within ourselves.

The good fight is the one that's fought in the name of our dreams. When we're young and our dreams first explode inside us with all of their force, we are very courageous, but we havent yet learned how to fight. With great effort, we learn how to fight, but by then we no longer have the courage to go into combat. So we turn against ourselves and do battle within. We become our own worst enemy. We say our dreams were childish, or too difficult to realize, or the result of our not having known enough about life. We kill our dreams because we are afraid to fight the good fight.

The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. THE BUSIEST PEOLPLE I HAVE KNOWN IN MY LIFE ALWAYS HAVE TIME ENOUGH TO DO EVERYTHING. I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short. The truth is, they are afraid to fight the good fight.

The second symptom of the death of our dreams lies in our certainties. Because we don't want to see life as a grand adventure, we begin to think of ourselves as wise and fair and correct in asking so little of life. We look beyond the walls of our day-to-day existence, and we hear the sound of lances breaking, we smell the dust and the sweat, and we see the great defeats and the fire in the eyes of the worriors. But we never see the delight, the immense delight in the hearts of those who are engaged in the battle. For them, neither victory nor defeat is important, what's important is only that they are fighting the good fight.

And, finally, the 3rd symptom of the passing of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunday afternoon; we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give. In that state, we think of ourselves as being mature; we put aside the fantasies of our youth, and we seek personal and professional achievement. We are surprised when people our age say that they still want this or that out of life. But really, deep in our hearts, we know that what has happened is that we have renounced the battle for our dreams- we have refused to fight the good fight.

When we renounce our dreams and find peace, we go through a short period of tranquility. But the dead dreams begin to rot within us and to infect our entire being. We become cruel to those around us, and then we begin to direct this cruelty against ourselves. That's when illness and psychoses arise. What we sought to avoid combat-disappointment and defeat-came upon us because of our cowardice. And one day, the dead, spoiled dreams make it difficult to breathe, and we actually seek death. It's death that free us from our certainties, from our work, and from that terruble peace of our Sunday afternoon......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Damn Too Good..Perfecto!

Photoed by Teuku Jody Zulkarnaen..My HERO..hahaha..please visit these websites for more cool pics! soo inspiring..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surah Al-Kautsar

Surah ini paling pendek, hanya mengandungi 3 ayat & diturunkan di Makkahdan bermaksud sungai di syurga. Kolam sungai ini diperbuat daripadabatupermata nan indah dan cantik.
Rasanya lebih manis daripada madu, warnanya pula lebih putih daripadasusu dan lebih wangi daripada kasturi.
Surah ini disifatkan sebagai surah penghibur hati Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.kerana diturunkan ketika baginda bersedih atas kematian 2 orang yangdikasihi iaitu anak lelakinya Ibrahim dan bapa saudaranya Abu Talib.
Pelbagai khasiat terkandung di dalam surah ini dan boleh kita amalkan:-
1) Baca surah ini ketika hujan dan berdoa, mudah-mudahan Allah s.w.t.makbulkan doa kita.
2) Jika kita kehausan dan tiada air, bacalah surah ini dan gosok di leher,Insya'allah hilang dahaga.
3) Jika sering sakit mata, seperti berair, gatal, bengkak, sapukan airmawar yang sudah dibacakan surah ini sebanyak 10x pada mata.
4) Jika rumah dipercayai terkena sihir, baca surah ini 10x, mudah-mudahanAllah s.w.t. bagi ilham pada kita dimana letaknya sihir itu.
5) Jika membacanya 1,000x rezeki kita akan bertambah.
6) Jika rajin membacanya, hati kita akan menjadi lembut dan khusyukketika menunaikan solat.
7) Jika orang teraniaya dan terpenjara membacanya sebanyak 71x, Allahs.w.t. akan memberikan bantuan kepadanya kerana dia tidak bersalahtetapi dizalimi.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Join a global demonstration in support of human rights and Amnesty International.On 10 December:Celebrate Human Rights Day and the 60the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Because I Do

I saw you the other day
You were dreaming and that's ok
I saw you the other day
You were sleeping on a boat but that's ok
Because I do like you
I do like you today
I saw you the other day
You were tearful but that's ok
I saw you the other day
And you were screaming with laughter but that's ok
Cause I do like you
I do like you today
Because I do like you
I do like you
Ba bou ba bada bou ba bou ba bou bada ba bou
Ba bou ba bada bou ba bou ba bou bada ba bou
I saw you the other day
You were drinking whiskey but that's ok
And I saw you the other day
And you were falling all over but that's ok
Cause I do like you
I do like you today
Because I do like you
I do like you
I close my eyes so I'm not seeing
And I shut my ears so I'm not hearing
I close my eyes so I'm not seeing
You're out of reach and now I'm bleeding
I close my eyes so I'm not seeing
And I shut my ears so I'm not hearing
I close my eyes so I'm not seeing
You're out of reach and now I'm bleeding
I close my eyes, I close them
I close my eyes I close my eyes
I close them
Becasue I do like you
I do like you today
Because I do like you
I do like you
Ba bou ba bada bou ba bou ba bou bada ba bou
Ba bou ba bada bou ba bou ba bou bada ba bou

Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 December 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Since 1988, efforts made to respond to the epidemic have produced positive results, however, the latest UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic indicates that the epidemic is not yet over in any part of the world.

Friday, November 28, 2008

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
-Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story-
Tibe2 mcm stressed out..xtau knape...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A tale from Paulo Coelho

A shopkeeper sent his son to learn about the secret of happiness from the wisest man in the world. The lad wandered through the desert for forty days, and finally came upon a beautiful castle, high atop a mountain. It was there that the wise man lived.

Rather than finding a saintly man, though, on entering the main room of the castle, he saw a hive of activity: tradesman came and went, people were conversing in the corners, a small orchestra was playing soft music, and there was a table covered with platters of the most delicious food in that part of the world. The wise man conversed with everyone, and the boy had to wait for two hours before it was his turn to be given the man's attention.

The wise man listened attentively to the boy's explanation of why he had come, but told him that he didnt have time just then to explain the secret of happiness. He suggested that the boy look around the palace and return in two hours.

"Meanwhile, I want to ask u to do something", said the wise man, handing the boy a teaspoon that held 2 drops of oil. "As u wander around, carry this spoon with you without allowing theoil to spill".

The boy began climbing and descending the many stairways of the palace, keeping his eye fixed on the spoon. After 2 hours, he returned to the room where the wise man was.

"Well", asked the wise man, "did u see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did u see the garden that it took the master gardener 10 yrs to create? Did u notice the beautiful parchments in my library?".

The boy was embarassed, and confessed that he had observed nothing. His only concern had been not to spill the oil that the wise man had entrusted to him.

"Then go back and observe the marvels of my world", said the wise man. " U cannot trust a man if u dont know his house".

Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and returned to his exploration of the palace, this time observing all of the works of art on the ceilings and the walls. He saw the gardens, the mountains all around him, the beauty of the flowers, and the taste with which everything had been selected. Upon returning to the wise man, he related in detail everything he had seen.

"But where are the drops of oil I entrusted to u?", asked the wise man.

Looking down at the spoon he held, the boy saw that the oil was gone.

"Well there is one piece of advice I can give u", said the wisest of wise men. The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon".......

Pulau Payar

2 days after exam, on the 20th of nov2008, my sister and I had a great time at Pulau Payar.
Juz an hour and a half from Port Swetenham n yep..the trip was really nice.
Paid for rm185 per person, including fantastic bufet lunch, return boat ticket, swim, snork n diving equipment...sgt berbaloi maaa..
Pulau Payar is regarded as a marine park, so u can expect la so many corals around the island, school of fish yg pelbagai warne n xmengenal warna kulit...seriously..ade satu incidence ni byk sgt ikan serentak tgh mkn sampai bunyi diorg nye feeding, sound like sand sucking, xdpt imagine xpayah imagine..but diorg bkn in group of same type of fish, but rather bercampur ikan n pelbagai warne..all with same eat..yep.
Then ade shark feeding kat tepi pantai..sgt cool..n kalau lucky, mase snorkeling tu bole terserempak dgn diorg..n juz pray for God it wont harm or bite you..haha..
Well to go there, you need to contact an agent, any agent pulau n they will redirect you to the one n only company..Langkawi Coral..this is the only company(rasenyela) yg ade contract utk bwk tourist masok tu Pulau Payar..becoz P.Payar sgt terjagalah pulaunye sampai xde org bole stay after 10pm but if you want to camp, need to get permission from Jabatan Perikanan Penang..
Ikan mmg sgt byk kat even kalu nk shower after snorkeling pon xdibenarkan gune shampoo or any type of sabun..the rasional is to keep the island free from any hazardous chemical potentially merosakkan coral kat situ..gud!

We took a boat at 8.30am, arrived at 10.++am, then got transfer to somewhat like a plantar, they called it 'catamaran' where all the activities, changing room, foods, facilities bole dpt kat situ. Then free for any activites, if u want to dive or snorkeling. At 12.15pm, lunch. The lunch was superb. Lots of food n sedap2 belake2. Then up to u after that whether nk gi feed shark or sambung balik swim, or juz lepak kat beaches, or ape2 jela..until 4.30pm. Then balik..hell best. Recommended to those swim mania or dive/snork mania.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warwick Avenue

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Meet me by the entrance of the tube
We can talk things over a little time
Promise me you won't step outta line

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Please drop the past and be true
Don't think we're okay, just because I'm here
You hurt me bad, but I won't shed a tear

I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I've been confused outta my mind lately
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I want to be free, baby you've hurt me

When I get to Warwick Avenue
We'll spend an hour, but no more than two
Our only chance to speak once more
I showed you the answers, now here's the door

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I'll tell you baby that we're through

I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I've been confused outta my mind lately
You think you're loving but you don't love me
I want to be free, baby you've hurt me

All the days spent together, I wished for better
But I didn't want the train to come
Now it's departed
I'm broken hearted, seems like we never started
All the days spent together, when I wished for better
And I didn't want the train to come

You think you're loving but you don't love me
I want to be free, baby you've hurt me
You don't love me, I want to be free
Baby you've hurt me

Friday, November 14, 2008

'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.'
-Mark Twain-

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tp skrg ni mmg nak pass je..please la..

Head Crushing Exam..

Wahaha..wat a day..wat a life..lame x mcm spill thoughts kat sini..
well here goes..rat a tat tat..haha..ape2 jela..

exam tadi susah gilos..mcm paper yg sengaje nk kene kan org..
ade possible kene amek balik..hopefully not, although rasenye mcq die tadi lbh kurg 70% bantai..
mcm pk better xpayah bace semlm..stay up late..tdo ala kadar..
topic yg bace tu kluar..mmg kluar..but then xbole jwb..way too detail from the way they design such questionn..

parent ckp..'xpe..kene amek balik amek jela..yg penting jgn putus asa..juz ke depan...'
hmm..btol wat kene amek balik..does it really define u as being a failure if u need to resit the exam..and come to think again does it gives u a satisfaction of buat exam n u know the topic but u juz dont have the time to really explore it well (gaya ckp org yg mendefend diri)..hahaa..

practically..mmgla nk abeskan master ni cpt2..mmg pk nk pass je cukupla..but sometimes, depends on people..u really want to gain that knowledge really well and its not juz the sake of passing the exam...mmg la status skrg kalu nk dpk xkan practice ape yg kite belajar..but its knowledge..and u need to commit to it..who knows in future wat that knowledge can do to us..

One adage says 'noyhing good come easy'..that certainly true..
Ade terpk gak ntah2 susah nak jwb exam tadi sbb byk sgt dosa..wahahaha..
so if anyone says..well that serves him/her rite bcoz of the things he/she done..terime jela..although u know deep in ur heart this is juz another obstacle that is place on u..
Then bile rethink again of satu past event ni yg sgt2 susah..sgt menguji jiwa..too much a point u think mayb this is not good for u (almost give up) or it juz do more harm than good..
then..whamp!..out of knowhere everything is in place again but much better..

so..kesimpulanye..xde kesimpulan..juz fight till the end and glory will come..hehehe..

Friday, October 31, 2008

'Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we
are never ever the same.'

-Flavia Weedn-
"Failure is an opinion. It is either an educational tool for starting over or an excuse breeding tool for saying it's over."
-Doug Firebaugh-
"A smile is your greatest social asset."
-Zig Ziglar-

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cold Water

cold cold water surrounds me now
and all i've got is your hand
lord can you hear me now?
or am i lost?
no one's daughter allow me that
and i can't let go of your hand
lord, can you hear me now?
or am i lost?
don't you know i love you
and i always have
will you come with me?

cold cold water surrounds me now
and all i've got is your hand
lord.. can you hear me?
or am i lost?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something seperated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his conciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.
-Albert Einstein- xingat brape hb..oo.17/10/08 bersamaan hari jumaat kot..yati kelatan telah kembali!yeah!..n esoknye balik manchester balik..hmm..xpela..dpt jumpe sekejap pon worth it..kan yati..haha..well these lovely ladies lame xjumpe..jumpe kt bangsar..mkn2..then mkn kt tpt lain plak..then borak2 till almost 12 kot..ok..dlm kepale apsal ade lagu2 damien rice je ni ha..pengaruh sho!...

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do.
Fail at it. Try Again. Do better the second time.
The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.
This is your moment. Own it!"
-Oprah Winfrey, 1954-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

' We lost in Vietnam because we lost the will to fight, because we did not understand the nature of the war we were fighting, and because we limited the tools at our disposal'
-John McCain, speaking at The Council on Foreign Relationship in 2003-

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Life is nothing when we get everything..but..Life is everything when we miss something...
Real value of people will be realized only in their absence..."
-adapted from a gudfren-

Saturday, September 20, 2008

International Day of Peace, September 21


The United Nations' International Day of Peace - marked every year on September 21 - is a global holiday when individuals, communities, nations and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace.

The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982.

"Where there is peace, there is culture; where there is culture, there is peace."
(Nicholas Roerich)

well..peace to all...

Monday, September 15, 2008


According to ACC/AHA Practice Guideline Management of Chronic Stable Angina 2002:

"In patients with symptoms suggestive but not characteristic of stable angina, direct referral to coronary angiography may be indicated when the patient's occupation or activity could constitute a risk to themselves or others (pilots, firefighters, police, professional atheletes or serious runners)"
hmm..kesimpulan..penyakit bole dpt kt siape2 je..although terase dah lead to healthy lifestyle..huhuhu..
ooo..perhaps sume wondering 5wks to go wat?..exam beb!exam for sem1..cepat gile..then after tu sem2 plak..then abes..super cepat..beras super..


'DEAR..THERE ARE 5 WEEKS TO GO MY DEAR'..wahaha..itula dean ckp tadi..after di bombarded by antibiotics questions...hmm..mcm takot tp at the same time xde perasaan dah...paham x..tibe2 teringat jason mraz nyanyi...'live righteously..takin' it easy..'..lalalala..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"If the first inward thought is not warded off, it will generate a desire, then his desire will generate a wish, and the wish will generate an intention, and the intention will generate the action, and the action will result in ruin and divine wrath. So evil must be cut off at its root, which is when it is simply a thought that crosses the mind, from which all the other things follow on."
-Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali (Ihyaa Uloom al-Deen 6/17-

Monday, September 8, 2008

We Built This City-Jefferson Starship

We built this city,
We built this city on rock and roll

Say you don't know me,
or recognize my face
Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place
Knee deep in the hoopla, sinking in your fight
Too many runaways eating up the night

Marconi plays the Mamba,
Listen to the radio
Don't you remember?
We built this city
We built this city on rock and roll!

We built this city,
we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city,
we built this city on rock and roll

Someone always playing corporation games
Who cares they're always changing corporation names
We just want to dance here,
someone stole the stage
They call us irresponsible,
write us off the page

Marconi plays the Mamba,
Listen to the radio
Don't you remember?
We built this city
We built this city on rock and roll!

We built this city,
we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city,
we built this city on rock and roll

It's just another Sunday in a tired old street
Police have got the choke hold, and we just lost the beat

Who counts the money underneath the bar
Who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars
Don't tell us you need us, '
cause we're the ship of fools
Looking for America, crawling through your schools

Don't you remember ...

Marconi plays the Mamba,
Listen to the radio

-Don't you remember?

We built this city,
We built this city on rock and roll

We built this city,
we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city, we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city, we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city, we built this city on rock and roll
We built, we built this city yeah
We built this city
We built, we built this city


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Nak tau x..arini baru start kelas..dah 2bln start course..lps sumpah seranah geram sume..haha..anyway..nk ckp CVS sgt fascinating and baru cam appreciate after knowing all the reasons behind such treatment..thanks to Prof. Yahya..mcm bersemangat tibe2..hehe..sume nye BACK TO BASIC..although dlm kengantukan n kesejukan dlm kelas tu..
well..ape lg..yg lain2 tu pegi la cepat2 sambung study..hahah..
Mcm panjang sgt pos bawah ni..xpe..bace yg biru je tu pon xpe..explaination up to u..

ADAB-ADAB BERBUKA- adapted from a gud fren..xbace lg bacela!haha..

Yang penting di dalam bulan Ramadan ini adalah adab-adab yang kita kaitkan dengan ibadah puasa mestilah mempunyai asas yang boleh dipegang, iaitu al-Quran atau sunah. Antara adab-adab berbuka puasa yang dinyatakan di dalam hadis:

1. Menyegerakan berbuka apabila masuknya waktu atau disebut ta'jil al-Iftar. Ini berdasarkan hadis-hadis yang menyebut perkara ini, antaranya: Daripada Sahl bin Sa`ad bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:

"Manusia sentiasa dalam kebaikan selagi mereka menyegerakan berbuka puasa."
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).
Hadis ini menerangkan punca kebaikan di dalam agama ialah mengikut sunah Nabi s.a.w., iaitu Baginda menyegerakan berbuka puasa. Ini menolak dakwaan ajaran-ajaran karut yang kononnya melewatkan berbuka menambah pahala. Kata at-Tibi (meninggal 743H):

"Barangkali sebab Allah menyukai mereka yang bersegera membuka puasa, ialah kerana apabila seseorang berbuka puasa sebelum solat, membolehkannya menunaikan solat dengan dihadirkan hati. Juga ia menyanggahi ahli bidaah yang berpendapat wajib melewatkannya."
(at-Tibi, Syarh Miskhat al-Masabih, 4/183, cetakan Dar al-Kutub al-`Ilmiyyah, Berut).

2. Berbuka puasa dengan rutab, atau tamar atau air. Rutab ialah buah kurma yang telah masak sebelum menjadi tamar kering, ia lembut dan manis. Adapun tamar ialah buah kurma yang sudah kering. (lihat: al-Mu'jam al-Wasit 1/88). Sekarang di negara kita rutab sudah mula dikenali. Ia kurma yang masak dan masih lagi belum kering dan mengecut. Apabila ia mengecut dipanggil tamar. Di dalam hadis daripada Anas katanya:

"Bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. berbuka puasa dengan beberapa biji rutab sebelum bersolat. Sekiranya tiada rutab, maka dengan beberapa biji tamar, dan sekiranya tiada tamar, maka Baginda minum beberapa teguk air."

(Riwayat Imam Ahamd dan Tirmizi, katanya hadis ini hasan) Al-Diya al-Maqdisi (meninggal 643H) telah mensahihkan hadis ini. (lihat: al-Ahadith al-Mukhtarah, 4/411 cetakan: Maktabah al-Nahdah al-Hadithah, Mekah).

Inilah tertib yang dilakukan oleh Baginda, pilihan pertama ialah rutab, jika tiada tamar dan jika tiada air. Kata al-Mubarakfuri (meninggal 1353H):

"Hadis ini menjadi dalil disunatkan berbuka puasa dengan rutab, sekiranya tiada, maka dengan tamar, dan sekiranya tiada, maka dengan air. Adapun pendapat yang menyatakan di Mekah disunatkan didahulukan air zam-zam sebelum tamar, atau mencampurkan tamar dengan air zam-zam adalah ditolak. Ini kerana ia menyanggahi sunah. Adapun Nabi telah berpuasa (di Mekah) banyak hari pada tahun pembukaan kota Mekah, namun tidak pernah diriwayatkan baginda menyalahi adat kebiasaannya mendahulukan tamar sebelum air."

(al-Mubarakfuri, Tuhfah al-Ahwazi, 3/311, cetakan Dar al-Kutub al-`Ilmiyyah, Beirut). Di samping itu, dakwaan jika tiada tamar, maka dengan buah-buahan yang lain juga tiada sebarang dalil daripada sunah Nabi s.a.w.

3. Menyegerakan solat Maghrib selepas berbuka dengan tamar atau air, sekiranya makanan belum dihidangkan. Hadis yang kita nyatakan di atas menunjukkan Baginda Nabi s.a.w. berbuka dengan rutab atau tamar atau air sebelum bersolat Maghrib. Maka kita disunatkan juga mengikuti langkah tersebut, iaitu selepas berbuka dengan perkara-perkara tadi, lantas terus menunaikan solat. Ini sekiranya makanan belum dihidangkan. Adapun sekiranya makanan telah dihidangkan di depan mata, maka dimakruhkan meninggalkan makanan untuk menunaikan solat. Ini berdasarkan apa yang dinyatakan dalam hadis-hadis baginda Nabi s.a.w. antaranya: Daripada Anas bin Malik r.a.: Bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:

"Apabila telah dihidangkan makan malam, maka mulakanlah ia sebelum kamu menunaikan solat Maghrib, dan jangan kamu tergopoh-gapah ketika makan malam kamu."
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

Dalam hadis yang lain daripada Abdullah bin Umar, Baginda s.a.w. bersabda:

"Apabila dihidangkan makan malam seseorang kamu, sedangkan solat (jamaah) telah didirikan, maka mulailah dengan makan malam. Janganlah dia tergopoh-gapah sehinggalah dia selesa."
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

Riwayat di atas juga menambah:
Bahawa Ibn Umar r.a. apabila dihidangkan untuknya makanan, manakala solat pula sedang didirikan, maka beliau tidak mendatangi solat melainkan hingga beliau selesai makan, sedangkan beliau mendengar bacaan imam. Ini kerana meninggalkan makanan dalam keadaan keinginan yang kuat untuk menjamahnya atau dalam perasaan lapar, boleh menghilangkan khusyuk di dalam solat, disebabkan ingatan terhadap makanan tersebut. Dengan itu para ulama menyatakan dimakruhkan solat setelah makanan terhidang di hadapan mata. Kata an-Nawawi (meninggal 676H): Di dalam hadis-hadis tersebut dimakruhkan solat apabila terhidangnya makanan yang hendak dimakan kerana ia boleh mengganggu hati dan menghilangkan kesempurnaan khusyuk.

(An-Nawawi, Syarh Sahih Muslim, 4/208, cetakan: Dar al-Khair, Beirut).

Sebenarnya bukan pada makan malam atau solat Maghrib sahaja kita disunatkan mendahulukan makanan yang dihidang sebelum solat, bahkan sunah ini meliputi semua solat dan waktu makan kerana dibimbangi menghilangkan khusyuk. Ini sekiranya makanan telah terhidang di depan mata. Al-Munawi (meninggal 1031H) pula menyebut:

"Hadis tersebut menyatakan hendaklah didahulukan makan malam sebelum solat Maghrib. Namun ia juga dipraktikkan juga pada solat-solat yang lain. Ini kerana punca arahan ini ialah bimbang hilangnya khusyuk."

(al-Munawi, Faidh al-Qadir, 1/295, cetakan: al-Maktabah al-Tijariyyah al-Kubra, Mesir).

Malangnya ada di kalangan yang kurang faham, lalu mereka menyatakan bahawa kalau azan sudah berkumandang, hidangan dan makanan hendaklah ditinggalkan demi mengutamakan solat jemaah. Inilah kedangkalan meneliti hadis-hadis Nabi s.a.w., lalu mengandaikan agama dengan emosi sendiri.

Adapun sekiranya makanan belum terhidang atau perasaan keinginan terhadap makanan tiada, maka tidaklah dimakruhkan untuk terus solat. Ini bukanlah bererti kita disuruh mementingkan makanan melebihi solat, sebaliknya tujuan arahan Nabi s.a.w. ini ialah untuk memastikan kesempurnaan solat. Al-Imam Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani (meninggal 852H) memetik ungkapan Ibn Jauzi (meninggal 597H):

"Ada orang menyangka bahawa mendahulukan makanan sebelum solat adalah bab mendahulukan hak hamba ke atas hak Tuhan. Sebenarnya bukan demikian, tetapi ini adalah menjaga hak Allah agar makhluk masuk ke dalam ibadahnya dengan penuh tumpuan. Sesungguhnya makanan mereka (para sahabat) adalah sedikit dan tidak memutuskan mereka daripada mengikuti solat jemaah."

(Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani, Fath al-Bari, 2/385, cetakan: dar al-Fikr, Beirut).

4. Makan dengan kadar yang tidak berlebihan ketika berbuka. Ini bertepatan dengan firman Allah s.w.t. maksudnya:
Dan makan dan minumlah kamu, dan jangan berlebih-lebihan. Sesungguhnya Dia tidak suka orang yang berlebih-lebihan. (Surah al-`Araf:31).

Di dalam hadis Baginda s.a.w. menyebut:
"Anak Adam itu tidak memenuhi suatu bekas yang lebih buruk daripada perutnya. Cukuplah bagi anak Adam itu beberapa suap yang dapat meluruskan tulang belakangnya (memberikan kekuatan kepadanya). Sekiranya tidak dapat, maka satu pertiga untuk makanan, satu pertiga untuk minuman dan satu pertiga untuk pernafasan."

(Riwayat Tirmizi, katanya: hadis ini hasan sahih. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani dalam Fath al-Bari menyatakan hadis ini hasan).

Hadis ini salah difahami oleh sesetengah pihak, lalu mereka menyangka Nabi s.a.w. menyuruh umatnya jika makan, hendaklah satu pertiga untuk makanan, satu pertiga untuk minuman dan satu pertiga untuk pernafasan. Sebenarnya jika kita teliti hadis ini bukan demikian, pembahagian tersebut ialah had maksimum. Kalau boleh kurang daripada itu. Sebab itu Baginda menyebut jika tidak dapat, maka tidak melebihi pembahagian tadi. Namun yang lebih utama digalakkan sekadar yang dapat memberi tenaga.

5. Berdoa ketika berbuka. Ini berdasarkan hadis Nabi s.a.w.:

"Sesungguhnya bagi orang berpuasa itu, doa yang tidak ditolak ketika dia berbuka."

(Riwayat Ibn Majah, sanadnya pada nilaian hasan dan ke atas. Ishaq bin `Abd Allah al-Madani dithiqahkan oleh Abu Zur'ah dan disebut saduq oleh al-Zahabi dalam al-Kasyif ).

Maka kita boleh berdoa dengan apa sahaja doa yang kita hajati. Doa orang berpuasa makbul disebabkan jiwa yang telah dibersihkan daripada kotoran dosa dan syahwat. Justeru itu al-Munawi menyebut:

"Hadis di atas hanya untuk sesiapa yang telah menunaikan tanggungjawab puasa dengan menjaga lidah, hati dan anggota."
(Faidh al-Qadir, 2/500).

Di sana ada doa yang ditunjukkan oleh Nabi s.a.w. ketika berbuka dan disunatkan kita membacanya:

"Adalah Rasulullah s.a.w. apabila berbuka, Baginda bersabda: Telah hilanglah dahaga, telah basahlah peluh (hilang kekeringan) dan telah tetaplah pahala, insya-Allah."
(Riwayat Abu Daud, sanadnya hasan)

Namun setiap orang yang menunaikan puasa dengan sepenuhnya, hendaklah merebut peluang doa yang makbul ketika dia berbuka.

6. Berdoa kepada sesiapa yang menjamu kita berbuka, kata Anas r.a.:
"Baginda s.a.w. pernah datang kepada (rumah) Saad bin Ubadah. Dia menghidangkan roti dan minyak. Baginda pun makan dan bersabda: Telah berbuka puasa di sisi kamu mereka yang berpuasa, telah makan makanan kamu mereka yang baik dan telah berselawat ke atas kamu para malaikat."
(Riwayat Abu Daud, Diya al-Maqdisi dalam Al-Ahadith al-Mukhtarah menyatakan ia sahih 5/158). Maka berdoalah kepada mereka yang menjamu kita berbuka puasa. Ini adab yang sangat baik.

Demikian senarai adab-adab yang terkandung di dalam sunah Nabi s.a.w. ketika berpuasa. Semoga pengamalan adab-adab ini menambahkan lagi pahala puasa kita

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah
Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka
Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Merdeka !
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka

Friday, August 29, 2008


Nak tarik balikla ape yg diperkatekan pasal post before dis..
Karma macam x bagos minggu ni..
Mayb ade kaitan with all the negativities dat i spalsh on my mpharm course..haha..
ok2..actually mpharm ni bagos sbnanye..too pretty to hold on to it...too tough that can make u the toughest person alive..(if u still alivela untill the end of the course.haha..believe me..)..n then..
u can define urself better n see things in a broader way the..the way u see things like never before..mcm ni la..kalu dulu atenolol or beta-blocker xbole gune mase heart failure precipitate..skrg dah ade consensus bole gune and the survival is higher..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Que Sera Sera- Doris Day

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

When I was young, I fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother, what will I be
Will I be handsome,
will I be rich
I tell them tenderly.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"When you get older, you'll miss all the caring for other people so much and if only you can fought harder...", Nate'a Grandpa in Private Practice.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pulau Payar

The Pulau Payar Marine Park is situated in the northern part of the Straits of Malacca, near Kuala Kedah and thirty kilometers south of Pulau Langkawi. It is a very popular tourist destination.
The Pulau Payar Marine Park covers two nautical miles off four little islands - Pulau Payar (the largest), Pulau Kaca, Pulau Lembu and Pulau Segantang. None of the island is inhabited, except by on-duty officers of the Fisheries Department, who enforce the law. Fishing, either for hobby or commercial, is strictly prohibited around the islands. There is no accommodation on the islands. However, for the more adventurous tourist who would like to rough it out with nature, camping is allowed with permission from the Fisheries Department at Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah state.
A day trip to the Pulau Payar Marine Park is the only option for most tourists. This tourist spot can be accessed from three major points-Kuah, on Langkawi Island, Kuala Kedah on the mainland, and Penang Island. From Kuah or Kuala Kedah the boat ride takes about 45 minutes, whereas from Penang, it may take slightly more than an hour.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Macam budak sekolahnye bacela..bace sampai abes!.xtau nk post ape dah...

Petua Mencuci Hati oleh Datuk Dr Haji Fadzilah Kamsah

Segala aspek kehidupan ini bermula daripada hati. Oleh itu, dibawah ini ada beberapa cara bagaimana hendak mencuci hati, diolah oleh pakar motivasi Datuk Dr. Haji Fadzilah Kamsah.}

1. Dirikan solat dan banyakkan berdo'a - Ini adalah salah satu kaedah yang sungguh berkesan.

2. Selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w paling minima 100X sebelum tidur. Ini merupakan satu pelaburan yang mudah dan murah. Disamping dosa-dosa diampunkan, otak tenang,murah rezeki, orang sayangkan kita dan mencetuskan semua perkara kebaikan.

3. Solat taubat - Selain daripada memohon keampunan, dapat mencuci hati dan menenangkan minda.

4. Membaca Al-Quran - Selain dapat mencuci hati juga menenangkan jiwa, penyembuh, penenang, terapi. Sekurang- kurangnya bacalah "Qulhu-allah" sebanyak 3X.

5. Berma'af-ma' afan sesama kawan setiap hari - Semasa meminta maaf perlu sebutkan.

6. Bisikan kepada diri perkara yang positif - Jangan sesekali mengkritik, kutuk diri sendiri, merendah-rendahkan kebolehan diri sendiri. Katakan lah: "Aku sebenarnya.. ....(perkara yang elok2 belaka).

7. Program minda/cuci minda - Paling baik pada waktu malam sebelum tidur, senyum, pejam mata. Katakan didalam hati: "Ya Allah, cuci otak aku, cuci hatiku. Esok aku nak jadi baik, berjaya, ceria, bersemangat, aktif, positif." Menurut kajian saikologi, apa yang disebut sebelum tidur dapat dirakamkan sepanjang tidur sehingga keesokan harinya - CUBALAH!!).

8. Berpuasa - Sekiranya dalam berpuasa, terhindar dari melakukan perkara2 kejahatan.

9. Cuba ingat tentang mati (Sekiranya hendak melakukan sesuatu kejahatan, tidak sampai hati kerana bimbang akan mati bila2 masa).

10. Kekalkan wuduk.

11. Bersedekah.

12. Belanja orang makan.

13. Jaga makanan - jangan makan makanan yang subhat (was2, tidak pasti halal atau tidak).

14. Berkawan dengan ulama.

15. Berkawan dengan orang miskin (menginsafi) .

16. Pesan pada orang, jadi baik.

17. Menjaga pancaindera (mata, telinga, mulut... dsb). Jangan dengar orang mengumpat.

"Sampaikanlah pesanan ini walaupun 1 ayat."

Walaupun mungkin ada diantara kita yang pernah melihat kontroversi yang melanda pakar motivasi terkenal nie, tetapi saya tidaklah sampai mengabaikan saranan dan petua beliau kerana menghormati tahap keilmuannya. Perlu juga kita hargai walaupun terdapat sedikit kecacatan kerana Datuk Dr Fadzilah sendiri kurang berjaya men- cuci hati anak2nya. Semoga yang baik dapat kita terima dan jadikan teladan untuk kehidupan yang lebih di redhai Allah. Insya'allah

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lawakan Penang!

Imagine a job where you look forward to going to work every morning...hmm...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"A person is entitled to live with a whole life"- Dr. Addison Montgomery (Private Practice, ntv7 Saturday 10.45pm)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Benefits of Sleeping On The Job

It seems the Spanish may have been onto something all along. Researchers at City College of New York sleep lab have found that a 45 minute daytime nap can help a person remember facts.

The brain files newly acquired memories into two main compartments. Those relating to skills go into our 'procedural memory' compartment, while those concerning facts-such as the stuff we learn from books, ducumentaries and from interacting with other people-end up in our declarative memories.

The experiment led by Dr. Matthew Tucker, a Harvard Medical School fellow, tested 33 people on their declarative memory capabilities to remember unrelated word pairs, mazes and complexe line drawings.

The volunteers who took a 45 minute nap at the start of the three hour break between memorising and testing performed much betterthan those who stayed in the lab and watched TV.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dare to Live (Vivere) by Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini

Try looking at tomorrow not yesterday
And all the things you left behind
All those tender words you did not say
The gentle touch you couldn’t find

In these days of nameless faces
There is no one truth but only pieces
My life is all i have to give
Dare to live until the very last
Dare to live forget about the past
Dare to live giving something of yourself to others
Even when it seems there’s nothing more left to give

Ma se tu vedessi l’uomo
Davanti al tuo portone
Che dorme avvolto in un cartone,
Se tu ascoltassi il mondo una mattina
Senza il rumore della pioggia,
Tu che puoi creare con la tua voce,
Tu, pensi i pensieri della gente,
Poi, di Dio c’e solo Dio.

Vivere, nessuno mai ce l’ha insegnato,
Vivere, non si può vivere senza passato,
Vivere è bello anche se non l’hai chiesto mai,
Una canzone ci sarà, qualcuno che la canterà

Dare to live searching for the ones you love
(Perché, perché, perché, perché non vivi questa sera?)
Dare to live no one but we all
(Perché, perché, perché, perché non vivi ora?)
Dare to live until the very last
(Perché, perché, perché la vita non è vita)
Your life is all you have to give
(Perché)non l’hai vissuta

Dare to live until the very last
(Perché, perché, perché Ia vita non è vita)
Your life is all you have to give (Perché)
non l’hai vissuta mai

I will say no (I will say yes)
Say dare to live
Dare to live

Words Are Stuck to the Heart My Friend- Outlandish

Time after time we dream
Dreaming of how it all could be
But none can say what lies ahead
When after the dawn the sun will set
Only the truth remains in here

Promises we make in vain and
Words we give for a while to break
A flower fades away - like everything else
Oh everything fades away

Words are stuck to the heart my friend
Words are stuck to the heart my friend
They bring us together 'til we part again
They bring us together 'til we part again
When there's nothing left to share
And all the words will disappear
Only the truth remains in here
Words are stuck to the heart my friend

My friend, my friend
Cuando solo el silencio canta (when only silence sings)
my friend, my friend, my friend
Y solo tus sueños bastan (when your dreams are sufficient)

Blood ain't blood for just the veins
If tears don't bleed the heart has failed
Need some space to ease my mind
I give it all up for just a smile
Only the truth remains in here

Mmmm...Promises we make in vain and
Words we give for a while to break
A flower fades away - like everything else
Oh everything fades away

Words are stuck to the heart my friend
Words are stuck to the heart my friend
They bring us together 'til we part again
They bring us together 'til we part again
When there's nothing left to share
And all the words will disappear
Only the truth remains in here
Words are stuck to the heart my friend

From street thugs
To ghetto sufis
Holding their breaths
We clutch to riches and fame
Like it's all that's left
Righteousness is kept
Through minds awakened
Today we break our word
Like the bread we breaking

Así que tus palabras son mi cuna
Mi promesa es tu luna
Y cuando tu verso es verde claro que busca en el monte amparo
Mi verso es un puñal que da agua de coral
Llevo promesas tatuadas en el pecho

Like your words are my sanctuary
My promise is your moon
And when your verse is pure green
Searching in the sheltering wilderness
Then my verse is a dagger
Of clear coral water
I carry promises tattooed on my chest

Words are stuck to the heart my friend
Words are stuck to the heart my friend
They bring us together 'til we part again
They bring us together 'til we part again
When there's nothing left to share
And all the words will disappear
Only the truth remains in here
Words are stuck to the heart my friend

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wish me luck! must go on right..hmm..eventually, at the end of the day everything will turn out for the best..hopefully..for the whole year till nxt yr more dreaming, no more last minute reading..huhuhu...ok..sign out..

Weekend Activities...Some of it..

Hello..lame xupdate...well..tersgt2 bz sbnanye and bz, xbole study oriented sgt..nanti bole jd salah satu dpd aktivit2 wknd yg dibuat..tu kat botanical garden penang..aritu plak on the day pegi tuh mmg ade charity join yan jog la tp..besar gak tpt tu..ade bukit yg bole di hike lg..sambil tuh bole cuci mata..hahahah..xla..yan baik..huhu..
pastu 1st gambar tu lili pond..sgt lawa..gambar tu xbole nk capture the whole area la..
do comment please!yan kebosanan..for other bloggers tu sorila kalu yan x comment..xde mase...hahaha...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

'He who pleases people through displeasing Allah, Allah would commit his affairs to people'. (At-Tirmidthi).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ok..penang mai..1st gambar tu pemandangan dr balkoni rumah..dpn tu sume usm yg indah permai..ergh...nxt gambar tu tpt hangout skrg..PELITA...kedai mamak yg happening..hahahaah..tu yannye lap top n yan dudok belakang skali sorg2..pure2 mcm foreigner..heeheehee...
well..mpharm kat usm ni ok kot..lecturer2 sume best2 n baik..mule2 kot..xtaula later..klasmate sume ok..50% local 50% foreigner..nanti yan amek gambar diorg n post..skrg mcm bersemangat la nk study.mule2 1-2 days before nk gi penang cam sgt2 depress n nk nangis okla sekrg..cume idop sorg2 jela..ok.bateri cam nak kong dah..later yan update lg..


hahaha..sorila post before ni ter repeat gambar2 die n malas nak edit balik..alrite dgn bangge nye presenting salah satu dr hadiah2 yg best..hehe..mcm banyak je hadiah dpt..xde pon..haha..xpela..

Rainforest 220608

On the 22/6/08..yan, put, a.e1, sho, aliza, hazli, naf, kak. nor, piah, anis n hubby n xdilupekan berg yg ngantok telah menjayakan reunion diner pertama kat Rainforest, Sunway..Tiara Jaqueline punye restoren..setting n environment sgt best..ade org nyanyi lagu, n mlm tu actually adalah beach nite..

Yg geram xde sape pon yg pakai beach wear..bole x..yan n naf je ade ala2 yan more to hippies la..hahaha..the best part is diorg sambut birthday yan mlm tu...sgt..sgt..sgt terharu...xpernah org sambut birthday yan mcm tu..huhuhu...terharu gile..birthday present yan letak gambar on the nxt post...

food kat sane okla..xdela wow..cume environment je la lawa..dgn penyanyi2 yg sgt sedap nyanyi


ok2..skrg kat nak report gak segala bende2 yg berlaku before gi penang..juz many things to tell u guys..sedihnye tgh lepak sorg2 ni..huhuhu...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Way-Paul Anka

And now, the end is near
And so i face the final curtain
My friend, i'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which i'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way

Regrets, i've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what i had to do
And saw it through without exemption
I planned ech charted course
Each careful step along the byway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way

Yes there were times, i'm sure you all knew
When I bit off more than i could chew
But through it all, when there was doubts
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way

I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears subside
I find it all so amusing
To think I did all that
And may I say-Not in a shy way
No, oh no not me
I did it my way

For what is a man, what has he got
If not himself, then he has now
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way.......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cool Monkeys

Lemah gemalai, lembut and ade manners kot yg bole di describe monkey ni..tgn die sangat lembut n amek pelahan2 bile kasi food..nak berjumpe monyet2 best ni..pegi ke Bukit Malawati kat..Kuala Selangor kot..
Alrite atas permintaan org ramai...ramai,tempat dirahsiakan..ade sket info pasal monkey nih..
Trachypithecus cristatus
Silvered leaf monkey
-found throughout Southeastern Asia and Indonesia, including the Malayan Peninsula, Borneo.
-Silvered leaf monkeys get their name from the coloring of their pelage. There is some variation in the color of their fur, including brown, gray, brownish-gray, or black.
-Newborns have orange fur and white colored hands, feet, and face. The skin changes color within days of birth to black, as in the adults of this species. The orange fur changes to the adult color within three to five months.
-feed primarily on leaves, with a preference for young leaves. As herbivores, they also eat some other vegetation including fruit, seeds, shoots, flowers, and buds.
-is the most silent of the colobine species and researchers describe these monkeys as being grave, serious, expressionless, and slow moving.
-is a very shy species, individuals are occasionally seen in the vicinity of human settlements, but retreat quickly if they feel threatened

Relay for Life KL 2008'

Lbt gile update blog..ok..on the 31st mei National Cancer Society buat Relay for Life KL..aim die nak raise fund and give hope to cancer pt by showing moral a fun way la..throughout the nite ade concert performances (best gile jac victor), telematches n bole campers n joggers n families,tua mude kecik besar datang..sgt menarik n supportive..
Yg join puteri, shahezwan, salima, org2 selayang, kk n sebagainye...dpt jumpe ramai org..best2 hehe..pastu kitorg ade set up tent xgune lain yg gune..xkesala..haha..
Actually event ni international event coz relay for life kalu xsilap originate from US and event die ade kat merate2 negara..ade byk embasies, companies,etc join..
Kiotorg menang telematch lari dlm guni n pembawa kemenangan nye ofkosla yan n lau (frp selayang)..kitorg berjaya memotong group sebelah yg dah kehadapan n trus slide sampai ke garisan penamat...hebaat..hadiah dpt wristband jela..okla tu..
kitorg balik kul 8.30 am the nxt morning tu..xtunggu till 10 sbb ade hal..10am supposedly ade closing ceremony..kesimpulannye..byk2la join charity

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Yours-Jason Mraz

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but your so hot that i melted
I fell right through the cracks, and i'm tryin to get back
before the cool done run out i'll be givin it my best test
and nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love
listen to the music at the moment maybe sing with me
Ah, la peaceful melody
It's your god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved Loved

So, i won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i'm sure
there's no need to complicate our time is short
this is our fate, i'm yours

I've been spendin' way too long checkin' my tongue in the mirror
and bendin' over backwards just to try to see it clearer
my breath fogged up the glass
and so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I'm a sayin'is there ain't no better reason
to rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
it's what we aim to do
our name is our virtue

I won't hesitate no more, no more
it cannot wait, i'm sure
(there's no need to complicate
our time is short it cannot wait, i'm yours 2x

no please don't complicate, our time is short
this is our fate, im yours.
no please don't hesitate no more, no more
it cannot wait, the sky is yours!)

well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
listen to the music of the moment come and dance with me
ah, la one big family
it's your god forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved
open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
listen to the music of the moment come and dance with me
ah, la happy family
it's our god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved
listen to the music of the moment come and dance with me
ah, la peaceful melodies
it's you god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2weeks left!

hmm..2wks left to work as an enforcement and will any of it will be miss?
hmm..certainly not!hah!mayb senang cuti je kot..yep..well one thing for sure they are the coollest colleagues n boses u'll ever met..
n believe it or not..its been almost 8mths xpernah beli ponstan or piriton or imodium kalu xde pharmacist..sbb rase bersalah bile u work in this field..yep..hahaha..:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 last..

To those viewing my blog..welkem..i'll try my best to bore u guys with lousy stories n infinite boredom but do bare with me yeah..haha..;)